We offer comprehensive services in the area of text and graphics processing, preparation for printing, and DTP of demanding scientific publications. We also work on multilingual materials. We know how to do this effectively and well.

Professional DTP, including graphic processing, is a creative art in its own right. Mere familiarity with principles and knowledge are not enough to create a product attracting recipients’ attention. Something more is required – talent, intuition, and the ability to introduce a new order within a space while adhering to the applicable principles.

Our services in the area of graphic design and DTP can be used as a package or selectively. Our offer includes:

  • Comprehensive DTP of various text types and publications: advertising materials, books, magazines, scientific publications, instruction manuals, etc.;
  • Formatting ready text materials in compliance with clients’ guidelines;
  • Technical verification of publications;
  • Creating and editing graphic projects (bitmap and vector).

Our main focus covers two areas of operation:

  • DTP of scientific publications (papers, magazines, books, etc.) containing multiple additional elements such as: mathematical formulae, tables, and graphs – the offer addressed to publishing houses specialising in specialist scientific literature;
  • DTP of one text in two different languages (instruction manuals, advertising materials, etc.) – the offer addressed to translation agencies.

We have the required know-how in the scope of:

  • DTP rules in various languages;
  • Selection of a suitable font, depending on the alphabet’s specificity;
  • Character and features of a given written language (we are able to predict how much space will be required for different language versions of the same text).

Do you have questions regarding graphics and DTP? Contact us. We will respond immediately and, upon becoming familiar with your requirements, we will prepare a tentative cost estimate free of charge.