Our offer includes editing and creating commercials from scratch, also with the use of computer animation. We also provide audio-to-video synchronization services, as a result producing a coherent film material in any language of the world. Test our capabilities.

Harmoniously synchronised audio and video is the basis of successful communication. This fact gains in significance in the case of commercials. The word, the image, the silence. Each of these elements is extremely important and requires perfect synchronisation, all the more so if the film is to successfully fulfil its role in foreign languages.
Our services in the area of audio and video can be used as a package or selectively. Our offer includes:

  • Editing ready-made commercials, news clips, journalistic films, video manuals, etc.;
  • Creating diverse video materials, especially commercials, from scratch;
  • Creating animated films;
  • Synchronising the moving image with the text translated into a foreign language, recorded on the screen or delivered as a voice-over.

Our offer is addressed primarily to translation agencies, but also manufacturers and service providers seeking comprehensive services in the area of production of films and commercials.

Do you have questions regarding our offer in the scope of audio and video? Contact us. We will respond immediately and upon becoming familiar with your requirements, we will prepare a tentative cost estimate free of charge.